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Members of Evangelical Church helped refugees in Hungary

Two workers from Headquarter of Evangelical Diakonia – Szilvia Buzalová and Jana Gasperová, in cooperation with Attila Szpisák – evangelical pastor in Komlóš, distributed humanitarian aid in refugee camp near Röszke, in Hungary, 8 september 2015.


Jana Gasperová, Evangelical Diakonia ECAC in Slovakia, media@diakonia.sk  | 10.9.2015


ELSA Conference 2015

In the ranking of 7th International Conference of Evangelical Lutheran Sunday School Association (ELSA) was held in city Sacele near Brasov (Romania), from 23. to 28. July 2015. The conference was devoted to work with children in Church. ECAC in Slovakia was represented by Silvia and Štefan Kiss.


Štefan Kiss , secretary for education and mission, misia@ecav.sk | 9.9.2015


Ordination Worship Service of new pastors 2015 in Krupina

On Saturday, 1 August 2015, were into the service of the Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession in Slovakia at toleration evangelical church in Krupina initiated four new pastors: Milan Bartko, Jaroslav Jurko, Zuzana Poláková and Michal Tekely. Ordination Worship Service was broadcast live on Slovak Television.


Edita Škodová, secretary for media and communication, media@ecav.sk | 25.8.2015


Opera Gala 2015 for students in Červenica

In wooden evangelical church in Kežmarok – articular church - was held 2nd year of benefit concert Opera Gala 2015. Proceeds from concert 3 000 € was given to Center of Evangelical Diakonia „Svetlo“ („Light“) in Červenica for creating rehabilitation center for children with multiple disabilities.


Ľudmila Gregová, Evangelical Boarding-School in Červenica  | 21.8.2015


Ecumenical Worship in Sládkovičovo

Every one year meeting of believers, within common prayers of Christians, was held in Evangelical Church in Sládkovičovo. For the first time was held together with Jewish liberal rabbi Mišo Kapustin.


Roland LANZ, chairman of OZ ATID  | 7.8.2015


135th anniversary of M.R.Štefánik´s birth

Church congregation of ECAC Košariská – Priepastné in cooperation with village Košariská and others co-organisers remembered 135th anniversary of birth, native of Košariská, gen. Dr. Milan Rastislav Štefánik, in days 25 and 26 July 2015.


Ivan Durec, Church congregation ECAC Košariská − Priepasné  | 1.8.2015


„The Hus celebrations 2015“ in Prague

In July of 2015 it was 600 years since the martyrdom of Jan Hus, who stands in Czech history as an example of the struggle for truth and moral credibility. The Hus Celebrations 2015 served as a reminder of the reform thoughts and the life’s struggle of such an extraordinary man. The celebrations took place on Sunday, the 5th of July, and on Monday the 6th of July in the center of Prague. On preparation of celebrations cooperated Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren and The Czechoslovak Hussite Church. On celebrations was invited General Bishop Miloš Klátik and he received the invitation.


Edita Škodová, secretary for media and communication, media@ecav.sk | 14.7.2015


The Day of Western District ECAC and 600th anniversary of Master Jan Hus

Castle Branč and Day the 5th of July are for many years connected. For many, those facts means possibility to meet with brothers and sisters from Western District ECAC at Worship and contemplate on the spiritual message connected with this place.


Milan Petrula, Church Congregation ECAC Trenčianske Stankovce  | 10.7.2015


Problem of refugees is still more actual

In context of migration crisis in European Union was at The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic organized a meeting of the Ministry´s representatives with representatives of church, Christian organizations and leaders from the civil society (non-governmental organizations) on Friday, 10 July. During the meeting, they discussed the procedures and opportunities for state and non-state entities to cooperate in providing assistance to refugees.


Dušan Vagaský, Director GBO, riaditel@ecav.sk  | 10.7.2015


From statement to concrete acts

The situation around refugees was the main theme of meeting between General Bishop Miloš Klátik and state secretary of Ministry of foreign and European affairs of the Slovak Republic Peter Javorčík, which was held at General Bishop Office, 8 July 2015.


Dušan Vagaský, Director GBO, riaditel@ecav.sk  | 9.7.2015


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