Welcome to our website www.evangelical.sk!

Dear Brothers, Sisters, and Friends,

Welcome to our website www.evangelical.sk, the official English language website of the Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession in Slovakia (ECAC), which contains the most current information about our church.
Under the heading of Statements you can find official positions and declarations of the ECAC in Slovakia.
Under the heading of News you can find event announcements and important information about the church, districts, circuits, and the church community of the ECAC.
Under the heading of ECAC in Slovakia you can find basic information about the ECAC in Slovakia such as the characteristics, structure, representatives, foreign contacts, etc.
Under the heading of Directory you can find contact information for the Bishops’ offices, circuits, congregations, Evangelical schools, Evangelical Diacony centers, publishing houses, bookstores, church periodicals, and others.

You may contact us via:
• Mail: Generálny biskupský úrad ECAV
The Foreign Relations Department
Palisády 46
P. O. Box 289 810 00 Bratislava
• E-mail: foreign@ecav.sk
• Telephone: +421-259-201-228, Mobile: +421-918-828-013
• Fax: +421-254-432-940

We are looking forward to your visit at www.evangelical.sk as well as your suggestions and contributions. We wish you a blessed day!

The Foreign Relations Department of the ECAC in Slovakia

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