Theological Conference of the ECAC in Slovakia

This year's Theological Conference of the ECAC in Slovakia was held from 12 - 14 September in Poprad. As part of preparations for celebration of the 1150th Anniversary of the arrival of Cyril and Method, the theme topic was: "Cyril and Method - message for Today".

Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox speakers were present at the conference. About 100 Protestant clergymen participated. One of the speakers was for example Prof. ThDr: Viliam Judák, PhD. - Bishop of the Nitra Diocese, professor of church history at the Roman Catholic Theological Faculty of the Comenius University in Bratislava, with his lecture on "Cyril and Method from the perspective of Roman Catholic Church". Other presentations were held by linguists and university lecturers from the University of Matej Bel in Banská Bystrica among them by Prof. PhD. Ján Findra DrSc. - on compilation and preaching of sermon and many others. The conference was ended with Lord ’s Prayer by General Bishop Bishop Miloš Klátik. He also invited all pastors to the General Pastoral Conference that will be held on the 8th of October this in Zvolen.

 | 24.9.2012

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