Theological conference of Martin Luther Bund

The conference took place from 22-24th of October 2012 in Liebfrauenberg. The topic was „Baptism – virulent understanding of today and our traditions“. The ECAC in Slovakia has been represented by General bishop Milos Klatik.

The goal of this conference was to discuss the given topic. Prof. Dr. Walter Sparn began the meeting with his opening speech. The meeting was continued by a speech about reformation view on baptism by Propst Hans Mikosch. There have been many participants offering various speeches. The General bishop brought a lecture named „Baptism of our church“. In the evening the attendants spoke about the situation in Slovakia and France with focus on missionary work. General Bishop Klatik talked about the situation in Slovakia and introduced new flyer about ECAC in Slovakia.

 | 29.10.2012

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