The visit of Werner Horne to the General Bishop’s office in Slovakia

On November 24, 2010, the General Bishop of the ECAC in Slovakia – Miloš Klátik – welcomed emeritus superintendent, Werner Horne, at the General Bishop´s Office in Bratislava.

Werner Horn served as a pastor in Vienna from 1969 to 1982. He was then elected as a superintendent and has served in this role since August 2003. He was also a professor at the Music University in Vienna and lectured in the fields of liturgy, hymnology and Biblical doctrine. At present, he is active as the chairman of the the non-profit organization Gustav-Adolf-Werk and in the Evangelical diaspora operation in Europe and in Brazil (AGDE). He is the successor to Dr. Epting, who was elected as the chairman by the establishment of AGDE in 1995 in Soldvadkert – Hungary.

During the visit to the General Bishop´s Office, Horn expressed his wish that relations between AGDE and the ECAC should be more intensive. In addition, he informed the General Bishop of the ECAC about recent discussions that took place in Berekfürdö (Hungary) and about the next discussion, which will take place in October 2011 in Bystrica pod Hostýn. He then informed the bishop about the vist of the 12 – member AGDE delegation in Brazil. The goal was to visit the churches and to become acquainted with the projects, but primarily to participate in the Church Synod. The invitation was extended by the Association of Gustav-Adolf of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Brazil on the occasion of his 100th anniversary. Werner Horn also announced that the office of the AGDE will be moving this year from Leipzig to Vienna and will be associated with the GEKE (Community of the European Churches in Europe). Given that the AGDE is a European association, an alignment with the GEKE is more meaningful.

Edita Škodová | 1.12.2010

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