The Patriarch Bartholomew I. visited Bratislava

On the occasion of celebration of the 1150th anniversary of the arrival of Constantin and Methodius to our area, the Constantinopol archbishop, the ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I. came for a three-day state call. He visited Bratislava on 27th May 2013 after visiting Prešov and Košice.

Batholomew I. met with the representatives of our state, envoys of the diplomacy and the representatives of Christian Churches. General Bishop of the Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession in Slovakia and the chairman of the Ecumenical Council of Churches in Slovakia Miloš Klatik was invited by the Orthodox Church to participate on the meeting with the representatives of Christian Churches.

The President of the Slovak Republic Ivan Gašparovič hand in the state award to Bartolomew I. for his special contribution to the understanding among the nations and for spreading positive reputation of the Slovak Republic.

The Ecumenical Patriarch archbishop Bartolomew I. supports interconfessional and ecumenical dialogue. He belongs to the Greek minority living in Turkey, he is the Head of the Orthodox Church from November 1991 and he resides in Istanbul ( former Constantinopol). It was for the first time that he as the Head of the Orthodox Church attended the inauguration of the Pope Francis. He came to Slovakia from Moravian Mikulčice in the Czech Republic where he took part in the Orthodox worship commemorating Cyril and Methodius.

Edita Škodová, secretary for media,

 | 11.6.2013

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