The meeting of the Slovak pastors in Veňarec

The first meeting of the Slovak pastors this year in Hungary took place on May 5, 2010 in Veňarec. We began our meeting with singing, and in prayer we asked for blessings on our meeting.

Our three bishops apologized that they had conflicting obligations and therefore, could not be present. But they sent wishes for God´s blessings upon our gathering. Attending this meeting were senior pastors Ondrej Szabo and Adam Mekiš, clergywoman Alžbeta Nobiková, and pastors Ján Szeverényi, Attila Spišák and Endre Lehoczky. We were also pleased to welcome from Sarvaš, Tibor Motaň, representative of the religious field of the National Slovak autonomy.

The theme of the gathering was the report on the last period and news of our Slovak service. We were pleased to report that in our country, Slovak Church services took place regularly or on occasion, in Békeš, Novohrad, and also in Peštianka and Zadunajsko. We have noticed a revival in some of our churches with Slovak roots. For example, in February we had a nice celebration in Nyíregyháza - after 35 years! At the ceremonial service we commemorated our Slovak ancestors, whose children and youth were singing so enthusiastically the hymn A Mighty Fortress......and praying Our Father.

At the end of May we are planning a joint ceremonial service in Maglod, at which will be consecrated a plaque with the names of pastors serving since 1700.

The most important event for us this year will be the 400th anniversary of the Žilina Synod in Slovakia. This event will take place from June 29 to July 5, 2010. Our young theologian, Botond Kertész, presented an excellent lecture in March in Révfülöpe about the significance of the Žilina Synod and the influence it still has today. We are planning to invite him to present this lecture again at our next gathering in the autumn. Also, we are enthusiastically preparing the celebration of the Žilina Synod. Already on July 3, 2010, will be the celebration in Lucina of - "The Day of Slovaks in Hungary." But we have decided that our colleagues, who will not come to Slovakia, will serve there.

In the concluding prayers, we prayed for the power and the might of the Holy Spirit, to help us in the revival of our Slovak services. We prayed also through the words of hymn number 565: "Oh, dear God, please, listen to our longings, our dear nation bring to life, please use it also for our service. Give us strength, let the Holy Spirit empower us."

Hilda Guláčiová-Fabuľová, evangelical pastor, Budapest | 18.5.2010

Hilda Guláčiová-Fabuľová | 30.5.2010

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