The Meeting of the Ecumenical Councils of the Churches Slovak Republic and the Churches in Hungary

The Ecumenical Councils of the Churches of the Slovak Republic and the Churches in Hungary consider ways to extend cooperation within the Visegrad Four.

The Ecumenical Council of the Churches of the Slovak Republic (ERCSR) and the Ecumenical Council of Churches in Hungary (MEÖT) want to continue in mutual cooperation, to deepen cooperation, and to consider ways to extend this cooperation by working with the ecumenical councils of Poland and the Czech Republic, the other two countries that are part of the Visegrad Four. Discussion on these efforts took place during the meeting of the Councils of the Slovak Republic and the Magyar Council on October 27, 2010.

The plenary meeting continued the mutual dialogue that began two years ago in Komárno. The representatives of the councils, whose delegations were led by MEÖT Chairman Imre Szebik and ERCSR Chairman Miloš Klátik, informed each other about ecumenical life in their countries and about progress made in the social and political situation following parliamentary elections. The Hungarian and Slovak church dignitaries also discussed possible cooperation in the ecological field as well as the dialogue with Islam and other religions.

The Hungarian Council has invited the representatives of the Slovak Council to the opening of Ecumenical Prayer Week in Budapest next year and the councils decided, that one representative of MEÖT in Slovakia and one delegate of ERCSR in Hungary will serve in one day of the prayer week.

Participants of the plenary meeting declared that they have been carefully monitoring progress on the Slovak language law and Hungarian dual citizenship and they expressed "hope in the wisdom of leaders and legislators of both countries in solving these matters".

The Magyar press agency MTI (reporter TASR Ladislav Vallach) reported that the next meeting of these committees will take place in Slovakia next year.

TASR, October 27, 2010

 | 3.11.2010

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