The Day of Eastern District

This year presents the16th Day of The Eastern District of the ECAC. It was held on 22 July 2012 at the Winter Stadium in Bardejov. The motto of this event was "Power of Hope" and there were about 3500 people from various areas of the district.

The Bishop of Eastern district Slavomír Sabol mentioned in his sermon that we are in the times of changes always rooted in God. The Word of God, which has been passed by Jeremiah to the people of Israel in Babylonian captivity, should provide guidance and new views in times of captivity. Seek, and pray for God to come to us - that is the real challenge for us today. The community welcomed the Bishop of Western District Milan Krivda, representative of the Silesian church, bishop Tomáš Tyrlík, Senior of seniorat Šariš- Zemplin Ján Velebír, the General Supervisor of Pavel Delinga and others.

 | 13.8.2012

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