The Day of the Congregation in Dudince

The day of the congregation in Dudince is a traditional event held during the summer holiday annually. This year it was held in Terany on 25 August. The inhabitants of Dudince also invited Lutherans from neighbouring congregations in Terany, Hontianske Tesare and Dvornik.

The pastor Rastislav Hvožďara was preaching. His sermon encouraged the participants to be a light shining in the darkness. The child’s choir “Ďatelinky“ and an adult choir contributed their singing to the worship service.
A distinguished visitor from Sweden, Sanna Eriksson, a student of theology in Lunda, came to tell about her missionary work in Nicarague charged by Lutheran World Federation. We were pleased that many Lutherans from all Slovakia accepted our invitation.
The pastor finished the worship service with a challenge to pray for persecuted Christians, especially in Syria and Egypt, where the churches and houses are being destroyed by war.
After the worship service a lunch followed. In the afternoon pastor Mária Hroboňová prepared a Bible quiz, where the participants could test their knowledge of Lutheran history and their congregations. We were delighted by folk songs presented by presbyter Ján Beňo from Hontianske Tesáre.
We express gratitude to brothers Bohuslav Beňuch and Pavol Martinovic who arranged this event technically.
Thank you God for this event!

Mária Hroboňová, CZ ECAV Hontianske Tesáre − Dvorníky | 3.9.2013

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