The Cornerstone of the Museum of Leonard Stöckel

At the end of the celebratory worship service in the evangelical church in Bardejov, the congregation, led by the bishops, moved to the Gründl house to celebrate the laying of the cornerstone of the Museum of Leonard Stöckel.

The church in Bardejov wants to establish the museum to commemorate the heritage of its native son - Leonard Stöckel - both for visitors and for those already familiar with the city. Their desire is to have the museum serve not as an exposition hall but rather as a meeting place for people of different generations that will commemorate Stöckel´s work in education, and in the development of the spirit, culture and art. Eye-catching drawings and photos helped participants visualize how this new museum and the center of the Lutherans in Bardejov will look in the future. The Bishop of the Eastern District, Slavomír Sabol, spoke to those gathered, basing his presentation on the text of Luke 11, 29 - 30. He praised the work of Leonard Stöckel as a reformer, pedagogue and theologist, friend and scholar of M. Luther and F. Melanchton. The mayor of the city Bardejov, MUDr. Boris Hanuščak, promised to support the church and to help make the project a reality.

Edita Škodová | 23.11.2010

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