The book Confessio Augustana is exhibited in Rimavská Sobota

The book Confessio Augustana is exibited in the museum in Rimavská Sobota. It is a very rare book declaring the principles of the protestant religious learning of Lutherans which was published in German in Norinberg in 1567.

The book is bounded in a typical renaissance binding of plain leather. The decoration of the cover board is created by the central motif (ornaments, figures, biblical scenes, resemblances of various personalities...) in a rich decorative framing. There are fine metal buckles on the book folders closing the book.

In 1517 Martin Luther (1483 – 1546), an Augustian monk and a Theology professor at Wittenberg University, provoked a religious movement to revive the Christian Church explicitly based on the principles of the Holy Bible. That was the beginning of the reformation process of the church in Germany. It culminated in 1530, with the utterance of the Confessio Augustana at the imperial concilium by Philip Melanchton.

Oľga Hederová, secretary for foreign relations,

 | 20.2.2013

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