The Bible of Kralice Celebrates Its 400th Anniversary

This year we commemorate the 400th anniversary of the third edition of the Bible of Kralice (1613). This Bible became the basis for further editions of Bible which were used by Lutherans in Slovakia in next centuries.

The first edition came out in six volumes gradually from 1579 to 1594. It was the first translation of Bible from original Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek texts into Czech language. The name of this translated Bible comes from the name of the place where it was printed – Kralice nad Oslavou. Kralice nad Oslavou is a small town where the Brothers had their secret printing machine. The second edition came out in 1596, but only in one volume.
The third edition was motivated by lack of previous editions. This edition had larger format and font because as mentioned in the introduction of this edition people with weak eyesight could not read the small text in previous editions.

Mojmír Benža, Ústav etnológie SAV | 7.8.2013

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