Synod of the ECAC in Slovakia 2015 was held in Nové Zámky

This year Synod (highest governing body) of the Evangelical church of the Augsburg Confession in Slovakia started by opening Service in Evangelical church in Nové Zámky on Friday 12th June 2015. Then followed session, which continued also in Saturday.

Preacher of the God´s word at the opening Service was pastor Mgr. Dušan Saják. He gave greetings from brothers and sisters from Evangelical A.C. Slovak church congregation in Ilok (Croatia). He preached on the text Matthew 28:16-20 about The Commissioning of the Disciples: „Go therefore and make disciples of all nations“. He encouraged believers in services, fellowship and active mission. He summed up at the end of his sermon: „1.we love Trinity of God and our neighbors, 2. we preach pure and true God´s word and obtain a disciples and 3. we observe commandments“. Members of Synod were greeted by vice-mayor the city of Nové Zámky Ing. Lukáš Štefánik and director of Church department Ministry of Culture Slovak Republic JUDr. Ján Juran.

At Evangelical Church in Nové Zámky were attended members of the Synod once again at evening program on Friday. Pastor Štefan Kiss, secretary at the General Bishop´s Office for education and mission and also the member of the Evangelical Church in Nové Zámky prepared and acquainted members of Synod with history and current situation in the church congregation. Senior of the Dunajsko-nitriansky seniorate Ján Jančo had a lecture about history of refugee church congregations from countries as a Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Croatia and formation of the seniorate.

At the Synod were attended 62 members of Synod with decisive vote, 9 members with advisory vote and guests.

The part of the program were reports, first one was report about activities of Presidium ECAC in Slovakia for the year 2014, this report had General Bishop M. Klátik. Report about activities of General presbytery ECAC delivered Director of the General Bishop´s Office Dušan Vagaský and report about activities of Board of Bishops ECAC reported District Bishop Western District Milan Krivda.

The main theme of the Synod was Funding ECAC in Slovakia. The goal is preparation of the Evangelical Church for the announced changes in funding of churches by state. Committee for preparation of the economic independence ECAC prepared detailed materials. Resolution says, that new model of funding through direct subsidies from state budget should be compensation for non-restitution property of the Church and for damages, which caused state to the Church in former political systems. It should take into account contribution of the churches and religious societies for citizens of this state in social, educational and cultural area and for example also in work with Roma people. In case, that state will determine changes in funding of the churches after agreement with the churches, it will be, according to chairman of the Committee, opportunity for renew of the congregation life in our Church.

Next point of session was approval of financial statements for year 2014; budget for year 2016. Then followed reports of individual Committee of Synod: legal, doctrinal, order of liturgy – sacral, general economic, school, mission and church music. Also sounded report of the Dean of the Evangelical Lutheran Theological Faculty Comenius University and report of the chairman of the Committee for simplify the structure of the Church. In report of the chairman for Committee of School was presented the proposal for establishment Evangelical Academy with focusing on continuing education for pastors. After short discussion was this proposal about Evangelical Academy approved.

On the end of the Synod General Bishop Miloš Klátik had a closing devotions. He thought about the text from Revelation 3:1-6, The message to Sardis. Message is designed not only main representatives of Sardis congregation but also every Christian in that message. The apostle has warned Christians before irresponsible, sinful life, but on the other side he has given them reason for joy and hope for God´s help. Message ended with a huge image of the heavenly assembly, in which God is presented with all angels and Jesus Christ read names of his faithful followers. Therefore, „despite everything – I believe, that Christianity and also our Church, strongly holds and bless The Triune God“ – said General Bishop.

Edita Škodová, secretary for media and communication, | 17.6.2015

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