Synod of ECAC in Slovakia 2012

This year’s Synod took place from 19th to 20th of October in Liptovsky Mikulas at the conference hall in Hotel Janosik. It has gathered somewhat later than in past years due to election of the board of ECAC in Slovakia. 58 synod members with right to vote and 13 with advisory rights gathered.

The proceedings have been opened in lutheran church in Liptovsky Mikulas with service led by senior of synod in the church of Czech Brethren in Czech Republic Joel Ruml. Local pastor Marian Bochnicka has welcomed the synod members together with local inspector – Ing. Arch. Ondrej Mrlian. Among other important duties of the synod this year included elections. As the chair of the synod Ivan Mucha has come to the end of his mandate period along with the vice chairmen Daniel Midriak and Dusan Balko. During secret elections the synod has elevted Jan Hruska to be the vice chairman of the synod for the ordained, Slavomir Hanuska to be the vice chairman for the non-ordained and Ivan Mucha has been reelected to the function of chairman of the synod. Milan Krivda – the bishop of Western District has been elected to be the deputy of General Bishop and Jan Brozman to be the deputy of General Inspector.

 | 22.10.2012

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