Slovak Lutherans on DEKT Stuttgart 2015

From 3rd to 7th June 2015 was held in Stuttgart the 35th German Protestant Kirchentag (deutscher Evangelischer Kirchentag). On the invitation of Bishop F.O. July was at Kirchentag General Bishop Miloš Klátik. Between participants of the German Prostestant Kirchentag were also many others members from ECAC in Slovakia. The theme for the German Protestant Kirchentag in Stuttgart was: "That we may become wise" (Ps 90:12).

At Gasthaus Stuttgart – on Friday, General Bishop Miloš Klátik spoke in discussion forum on the topic Three-church-partnership. Other members of Three-church-partnership was engaged in to discussion Bishop of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Württenberg Frank Otfried July and of The Evangelical Church Central Germany Christoph Hackbeil. They spoke about mutual partnership supporting, which has been in operation for many years, and they spoke about perspectives in to the future. General Bishop Klátik thanked partners for their generous help, which has providing for us. In the next block was engaged into discussion Dunajsko-Nitriansky seniorate. He have a partnership with deanship (seniorate) Kirchheim unter Teck. Senior Jančo and senior inspector Synak and other members of the delegation spoke about specific forms of cooperation with german brothers and sisters.

General Bishop on the Invitation from Bishop Reinharta Guiba from romanian Transylvania attended at the bishop´s forum, together with Bishop of the Evangelical Church in Hungary Tamás Fabiny and staff from German Diaconia. General Bishop participated also on another discussions and lectures and negotiations with representatives of German Church.

At the German Protestant Kirchentag were attended representatives from 170 churches of 104 countries. Between them were also Lutherans from Slovakia: members of the Western District from Zvolen, Hronsek, Veľký Krtíš, Piešťany with their pastors; students from Evangelical gymnasium in Banská Bystrica; students at the Theological Faculty in Bratislava with they pastors; members of the church congregations from Brezová pod Bradlom, Blatnica, Príbovce with pastors, and some staff from Gereral Bishop´s Office. Choir from Martin, children choir Zvonček from congregation Hybe and men church choir from Brezová pod Bradlom were actively participated on to program of the Kirchentag.

This magnificent event encouraged us in faith that our God not allow to perish His Church and hold His hand above Church. Mayor of the Stuttgart passed the baton of Kirchentag to Mayor of Berlin, where will be held next Kirchentag in 2017.

Some statistic numbers about Kirchentag 2015:

- 50 000 believers at the Opening service (Schlossplatz)
- 250 000 believers in the streets of Stuttgart at the opening events on Wednesday
- 200 choirs
- 300 brass bands
- 5 000 volunteers
- 4 000 families provided accommodation for 10 000 guests
- 200 schools provided accommodation for youth
- 95 000 tickets were sold on the whole events and many others on each days
- more than 2 000 programs (Services, lectures, discussions, workshops, Bible study, concerts ...)
- app. 90 000 participants at the Closing service on Sunday
- budget for the whole event was 18,3 million Euro

Edita Škodová, secretary for media and communication, | 16.6.2015

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