Slovak lutherans from abroad held a meeting in Veľký Krtíš

The third conference of Slovaks living abroad began on 27th of June 2012 in the church of ECAC in Slovakia in Velky Krtis. The Novohrad seniorate was chosen as a meeting place for this event as most of the Slovaks who left their homeland come from this region.

In the first part of the conference the attendants went through the outcomes of the first two conferences held in the past. Reverend Dusan Toth introduced the idea of establishing an Associaiton for Slovaks living in abroad. Janka Halukova evaluated outcomes of the first conference that took place in Prague and also those of the second conference in Nadlak. Other topics discussed in the afternoon included visions of the slovaks living abroad in terms of their congregations and churches for future, presentation of project „Sprievodca slovenským zahraničím“ and others.

 | 2.7.2012

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Grafické spracovanie:Ladislav Menyhart