Sketch of project European Christian „Convention“

From 1 to 3 June 2015 met in Protestant Academy in Bad Boll members of European Christian movements and churches, to start the preparatory process for a European Christian „Convention“.

The goal of this first meeting was meeting a diversity people of national, cultural and social backgrounds, but their common home is Europe. Our faith is living in different church traditions but we are united by the same Gospel. This diversity on the other hand enriches us and therefore the goal is created and celebrated our faith together. The goal is also take responsibility to create a future with hope for the whole Europe and for the world. At this time of crisis also in this way is necessary to contribute to European unity and responsibility in the world. Christian vision for peace, freedom and justice gave impulse for creation of this European project. Peace and freedom in Europe today are threatened by an increasing number of conflicts, inequality is growing, more and more people are facing poverty and social exclusion. Also question about refugee, immigrants, every days more persons have applied for asylum in the EU. Therefore a goal is to initiate a process, which will be lead to European Christian „Convention“.

During the meeting was discussed questions about: how large-scale of participants should be gathering. Was agreed that it will be a Christian event, fully ecumenical, open to everyone, bringing together people from all Europe and beyond. It should be a place to share our spirituality, with space for Bible study, praying, singing, festival of creativity with music, theatre, art as well as richness of cultural life in our churches and movements. We have to include space for youth. Definitely it should be a place, where will be discuss burning issues with the meaning contribute, bring in a positive vision for Europe from a Christian perspective and to contribute to the building European society. It wants to tackle the challenges Europe is facing and to strengthen European values.

At the meeting in Bad Boll was set up a provisional Coordination Team. Team will be prepare the next steps which will lead in implementation of project. It tasks is to explore those organization and churches, that are prepared to join the process and to propose and organisational structure. Next meeting will provide the space for organisation and churches to start the process leading on to a possible European Christian „Convention“.

Lucia Martonová, secretary for foreign relations, | 17.6.2015

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