Music festival SEMFEST under the theme "On the way" in Záriečie became a temporary home for about thousand young people from our church.

The main speaker was Stanislav Gurka, director of the halfway house in Veľký Slavkov. In addition, many seminars and lectures were prepared. Karol Verčimák spoke to young people about "What should all parents tell about money and sexuality" Miroslav Hvožďara spoke about "The joy in the service." Other speakers included Peter Fabok, pastor Kaňuch and his wife, Dušan Maršala and many others. There was also discussion with the General Bishop Miloš Klátik, and also with the bishops of the Western and Eastern District Milan Krivda and Slavomír Sabol. The General Bishop said: "It is important that young people are active in the church. Various bands performed at the event – such as kerygma, The Elements, Deep Inside, regiment, Timotej, Kapela 33 and many others. The attendants were able to participate in dance, guitar, song, film or keyboard workshop. The service with Holy Communion has been carried out on Sunday led by the Bishop emeritus Igor Misina. This wonderful meeting was attended by more than 1200 people, about 100 volunteers and 200 artists from Slovakia and from abroad.

 | 20.8.2012

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