Representatives of CEC have visited the General Bishop’s Office

Michael Buenker, general secretary of CEC and bishop of ECAC in Austria, Thomas Wipf, executive president of CEC and president emeritus of Swiss evangelical church communion met with the General Bishop Klatik, chairman of AGDE.

The meeting focused on furhter cooperation of AGDE and CEC taking into consideration also Gustav-Adolf-Werk (GAW). At the same time they have talked about issues that might be discussed at the general assembly of CEC that is planned to take place in September in Florence. General bishop informed his guests about project: Evangel – God’s might for redemption of every believer. This project is carried out by ECAC in Slovakia along with the reformed church. Both parties are striving to win support from AGDE in order to provide more support for their work with Roma.

 | 11.6.2012

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