Renovated Chapel in Zabokrky

On Sunday the 16th of October people of Necpaly congregation in Zabokrky celebrated their self renovation of chapel that used to serve as lutheran school.

Brother General Bishop of ECAC in Slovakia - Miloš Klátik preached at the worshipp service and consecrated the renewed chapel along with the items used during worship services and altar cloth and submitted them to people of Zabokrky. The service was accompanied by youth choir Necpalske Nezabudky and various speakers. We are rejoyced that we have been joined by former chaplains of Necpale, recent pastors of Hanusovice nad Toplou – Mr. And Mrs. Skarupovci, Pastor of Mosovce – tomas German and chaplain of Turciansky seniorate Iveta Petrova. The bishops and pastors have planted a lime tree (no.12) after the service as a part of the project 500. Trees of Reformation in ECAC. We believe that our descendants will once apprechiate actions of their ascendants.

 | 25.10.2011

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