Press Conference at the close of the Year of Christian Culture in Slovakia 2010

The press conference took place on 16th of February 2011 at the National Enlightenment Center in Bratislava and was attended by representatives of churches, Ministry of Culture, National Enlightenment Center, Matica Slovenska, and other organizations.

Curator for Christian traditions NOC Miroslav Holecko introduced the attendants and passed the word to chairman of the Board for science, education and culture of the Conference of Bishops of Slovakia Frantisek Rabek. He stressed the intention of CBS to show the importance of Christian culture, arts, science and education in the value system of mankind. Bishop Rabek mentioned good cooperation with evangelical brothers during organization of various events, as well as, mutual cooperation of cultural, church and social associations that are part of CBS.

General Bishop of ECAC and chairman of Ecumenical Council of Churches Milos Klatik evaluated contribution of CBS. He called it blessed work and expressed joy that it was possible to achieve these goals in cooperation with the Roman-Catholic church, the National Enlightenment Center and the Ministry of Culture. General bishop then carried on with information about four main themes that were focus of ECAC: 400th anniversary of the Zilina Synod, two jubilees of worldwide known reformer, theologist and pedagogue from Bardejov – Leonard Stockl and the jubilee of bishop Juraj Janoska - initiator of the newspaper "Evanjelicky posol spod Tatier" that celebrated its 100th anniversary last year.

Director of Department for Church affairs of the Ministry of Culture Jan Juran commented that MCSR was pleased to have organized CBS and support it by 2.5 millions euro. Then he thanked all of the organizers saying: “It was worthy presentation of Christian culture”.

The year of Christian Culture 2010 was solemnly concluded with awarding of the price Fra Angelica on the 17th of February 2011 in the Hall of Mirrors at the Mayor’s palace in presence of bishop Rabek, Minister of Culture Daniel Krajcer, vice-chairman of government Jan Figel, vice-chairman of National Council of Slovak Republic Pavol Hrusovsky and other public figures.

 | 2.3.2011

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