Presidium of the ECAC discussed with the Bishop of the Evangelical Church in the Republic of Croatia B. Berič

On the invitation of the Bishop of the Evangelical Church in the Republic of Croatia (ECRH) Branko Berič and the chairman of the Synod ECRH visited the presidium of the ECAC in Slovakia to Croatia and Evangelical A.C. slovak church congregation in Ilok.

The subject of the meeting was evaluated The Partnership agreement about cooperation with Evangelical Church in the Republic of Croatia, signed on 24 July 2009. The Agreement about cooperation by providing support of the slovak lutherans in Ilok, regarding to the Partnership agreement, was concluded for a period of six years. Its validity will be ended this year. Bishop Berič thanked for the cooperation and also expressed an interest to extend the contract.

Bishop Berič invited General Bishop Miloš Klátik as a solemn preacher on the Reformation Worship on 31 October 2015 in Ilok. He informed about the preparation of the hymnbook of the ECRH. They would like to include into this hymnbook the songs from the slovak evangelical hymnbook.

Presidium of the ECAC was visited by partially built reconstruction and extension of the Church in Ilok. They hand over to a church congregation a financial support – gift 3174,16 € on which contributed the Christians of ECAC in Slovakia within the whole-church offering. In discussion they spoke about current activities of the congregation and they watched the presentation about last church activities. The presentation was prepared by the priest Dušan Saják and by priest Božena Sajáková.

On the business lunch the presidium of the ECAC had the meeting with the mayor of the Ilok Zvonko Dragun and with the abbot Gvardián from the monastery Ivan Kapistrán in Ilok. Priests in Ilok have a good ecumenical relations with the monastery.

General Bishop Miloš Klátik invited the representatives of the ECRH on our V. Evangelical Church Days in Békešská Čába. General Inspector Imrich Lukáč also convey the invitation of the church congregation in Opiná on the holiday stay for children in the diaconal centre The Light in Červenica.

Director of the General Bishop Office Dušan Vagaský informed about upcoming V. Evangelical Church Days, which will be held in Békešská Čába on 6th to 8th July 2016. We also are counting with active participation of the Evangelical A.C. slovak curch congregation in Ilok.

Ilok have 6 900 inhabitants, of which almost 1 000 is slovak nationality - almost exclusively evangelical augsburg confession.

Dušan Vagaský, Director of the General Bishop´s Office, | 20.3.2015

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