President Kiska visited the General Bishop

President of the Slovak Republic Andrej Kiska had a meeting at the General Bishop´s Office in Bratislava with the General Bishop of the Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession (ECAC) in Slovakia Miloš Klátik, 12th November 2015.

President also greeted the employees of the General Bishop´s Office and during visit, which took about two hours, they spoke about many themes, especially about the task of the ECAC in society, take care of miserable and sick people, and about evangelical education. They mentioned this year 200th anniversary of birth of Ľudovít Štúr and about upcoming 500th anniversary of Reformation, which will be celebrated in 2017. They touched also the themes as a financial separation the church and state and immigration crisis in Europe.

The reason for the meeting was, the President because of his previous working arrangements, he could not attend on some of events of the ECAC, where he was invited. The subjects of the discussion were tasks of the ECAC in society, for example in the area of Diakonia and care about people on the edge of the society. The President Andrej Kiska is a very close linked with activities of charity because he is founder of charity „Good Angel“.

He interested also about evangelical education, he perceived it as a priority, because the future of the country depend on school, education. Therefore, General Bishop familiarised him with establishment of first evangelical kindergarten in Bratislava-Petržalka, which is still growing and is big interest for accepting on a kindergarten. But General Bishop also presented another evangelical kindergartens, primary schools and gymnasiums, which are in Bratislava, Tisovec, Martin, Prešov, Košice and other cities. He brought special boarding school for blind and deaf children in Červenica to President attention. These school is in eastern part of Slovakia. In discussion President shown interest to visit special boarding school and encourage the families of disabled childrens, but also support staff, workers in their exacting work and also financially support this project.

Kiska pointed in discussion, that he is appreciating an evangelical personalities, who gave a lot to the state and society, mainly Ľudovít Štúr. He couldn´t forget to mention also another evangelical personalities as a Hurban and Hodža.

General Bishop informed a President about upcoming 500th anniversary of Reformation in 2017 and about significant value of Martin Luther, whose thoughts influenced the whole Europe. It was the ECAC, which had part on the making of cultural heritage in Slovakia. Bishop acquainted a President with program of the 5th Evangelical Church Days, which will be hold next summer in Békescsaba (6 – 8 July 2016) and 10th Meeting of Christians Middle and East Europe (7 – 10 July 2016) in Budapest. The Head of the State promised his participation on the celebrations of the 500th anniversary of Reformation in 2017 in Bratislava and on other prepared events.

President spoke also about separation church and state. This topic require deep discussion which will allowed to find the right model. He expressed about refugee crisis, which needs true and big heart and character, human compassion, sympathy, love and forgiveness.

On the end of the visit, General Bishop gave some publications to President Andrej Kiska. General Bishop is an editor of the publication – Anthology about 400th anniversary of Spišskopodhradská Synod, Anthology of The Conference of the ECAC in Slovakia Ľudovít Štúr and his age. Contribution to the Church and Nation, and book A Mighty Fortress, it consist of devotions for every day of new church year 2015-2016.

Photo: Edita Škodová

Martina Kováčiková, Evanjelický posol spod Tatier  | 14.11.2015

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