Precious visit from Ministry of Interior of the Thuringia

On the official visit of Office Ecumenical Pastoral Service of the Ministry of Interior of Slovak Republic was police chief of Thuringia Winfried Bischler and the main police spiritual Thuringia evangelical pastor Michael Zippel with accompanied another guests from Ministry of Interior of the Thuringia in days 27. – 30. October 2014.

Our Office of Ecumenical Pastoral Service visited many times Thuringia, because partnership between pastoral service of the Ministry of Interior both of countries start to build from 2008. We expected this visit and we looked forward to meeting them in Slovakia.

On Monday evening adopted delegation the director of District office Fire and Rescue Corps in Pezinok plk. Ing. Emil Moťovský, who elucidated them operation of profesional fire fighters.

On the next day adopted delegation president of Presidium Slovak Police Force gen. PaedDr. Tibor Gašpar and director of Office International Police Cooperation plk. JUDr. Jaroslav Paľo. Mr. President of Slovak Police Force presented the activity and control structure of police in Slovakia. In discussion they addressed the question about education of police and activity of spiritual services. On behalf of Ecumenical pastoral service greeted the guests general spiritual of Headquarters Ecumenical pastoral service in Military and Armed Forces in the Slovak Republic pplk. Mgr. Marian Bodolló.

Foreign delegation had a possibility to acquaint with the work Criminal-expertise Institute in Bratislava, Aviation Office Ministry of Interior in Slovakia, and Headquarter of Alien and Border Police in Sobrance. They were familiar with issue the protection of the state border in Schengen system. Delegation also visited border crossing in Vyšné Nemecké, where they saw security system and work of police.

Delegation also visited the police on highway and fire fighters in control center tunnel Bôrik - Mengusovce, where was presented activity by ensure the safety on the highway and on the most modern tunnel in Slovakia.

We included in the program visitation the articular churches in Svätý Kríž and Kežmarok. Guests was acquainted with the history of protestantism in Slovakia, and visited the library in Kežmarok.

We thank to God that we despite the different languages and culture we could meet in a freedom and in the brotherly love and share our happiness and our sorrows. We thank for the expression of friendship and christian love, which build partnerships between Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD) and Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession in the Slovakia.

Pplk. Mgr. Milan Petrula, evangelical pastor, Director of the Office of Ecumenical Pastoral Service of the Ministry of Interior  | 21.11.2014

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