Planting of Reformation Trees Continues

During the Luther Decade, the period of preparation for 500th anniversary of the reformation, a Luther Garden is being prepared in Wittenberg (Lutherstadt Wittenberg). Around the symbol of Lutherrose made of various types rocks, 500 trees will be planted by 2017. This project is called "500 Years of Reformation – 500 Trees in Wittenberg"

General bishop of evangelical church of Augsburg confession in Slovakia – Milos Klatik, was the 51st representative of church to plant a tree – Honey Locust (Gleditsia Triacanthos) in the Luthergaden. Inspired by the german project, we have created a similar project: 500 Trees of Reformation in ECAV. Evangelical Church of Augsburg Confession in Slovakia wants to plant Trees of Reformation allover Slovakia, on various suitable places (congregations, school, diaconic organizations etc.). The goal is clear - 500 trees until 31.10.2017. General Bishop’s Office will issue a certificate for a given tree upon request from a congregation. This certificate will include the serial number, date of planting, and occasion on which it has been planted. This will create a unique list of trees that can last for a generation or one or two hundred years if provided with proper care and remind our descendants of our days. Planting of these trees will continue in spring.

 | 17.10.2011

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