Pastor exams 2014

At the General Bishop´s Office in Slovakia took a place pastor exams on 22nd October 2014. Succesfully completed and witness to the passing of the examination got these new pastors in Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession in Slovakia: Anna Balogová, Daniel Beňuch, Tatiana Beňuchová, Eva Guldanová, Marek Hrivňák, Branislav Kováč, Janka Kováčiková, Roman Roskoš, Peter Székely, Ondrej Šoltés, Ľuboš Vontorčík a Dušan Vaňko.

Candidates get over with written test from prescribed subjects and then was orally tested before the commission from: dogmatics, catechesis, homiletics, liturgy, pastoral care, church history, practical exegesis, ethics, church music, church law. We sincerely greetings our new evangelical (Augsburg Confession) pastors and we wish them to be lead by God´s grace and God blessing their work on Lord's vineyard.

Mgr. Daniela Veselá, secretary for schools and religious education, | 29.10.2014

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