More than 1000 grieving gave last goodbye to Bishop Ján Midriak

In the age of nearly 86 year died in 7th February 2015 evangelical lutheran priest, senior and bishop JÁN MIDRIAK (1929-2015). Funeral farewell was held on Saturday 14th February 2015 in the Evangelical Church of the Holy Trinity in Prešov.

The funeral preach had the Miloš Klátik, General Bishop of the ECAC in Slovakia, who reminded bishop Midriak as a person, who got a lot of precious gifts from the God – life, faith, love, hope, health of the body, strength of the spirit, the wisdom from above, exceptional ability to preach the word of God, diligence, perseverance, loyalty, directness, ... so that through them he served the God and also people on the earth.

Ján Midriak was born on 23rd June 1929 in Zvolen-Môťová. After studied Theology in Bratislava and his ordination in Zvolen he was a chaplain in Pliešovce and priest in Uhorské. With his wife Helena they have daughter Rút and son Daniel. His son Daniel is a priest in congregation Svit. In 1971 he became a priest in Prešov. He was senior of the Šariško-zemplínsky seniorate. The lutherans of the Eastern District elected him in 1994 as a district bishop. Since 2000 he lived as a retiree in Prešov.

For several years he was the President of the General Court and the member of the General presbytery ECAC in Slovakia. As a chairman of the hymnbook commission he co-operated on the preparation and publishing Evangelical hymnbook. As a member of the Worship committee and Commission for the structure of the Worship he participated on the preparation and publishing the new cathedral Agenda. When he became the chairman of the hymns committee he prepared with other members of committee publishing the new Passion, Evangelical Funeral songbook, Funeral Agenda and hymnbook for the before-confirmation youth „To the throne of glory“. He was deputy editor of the journal Evanjelický posol spod Tatier and vice-president Board Publisher Tranoscius. Tranoscius published his collection of poetry „ You will be my witnesses“ and „Almost Christian“ and also collection of speeches and intercessions „On the rock of faith“.

„He still worked, his voice sounded – in whole our Church". It was because the most urgent content his life was and remains our Lord Jesus Christ. Thus, as the apostle Paul confessed: „For to me, living is Christ“ (Philippians 1:21) said on the funeral service General Bishop Klátik.

Bishop Ján Midriak was principled, tough and brave person. District Bishop of the Eastern District Slavomír Sabol on the funeral said, that Ján Midriak always stayed for the service of the Church, in fight for purity her teaching and in effort about proper administration. For his services he was „not always loved, but definitely he was always respected“. He didn´t agree with most of people and they also didn´t agree with him. Bishop Sabol reminded Bishop Midriak words from the District Day in Martin: „I don´t believe of heaven or the hell. I think on my Lord, in whom I believed, under whose arms I am. He prepared for those, who believe in Him the most beautiful future. Jesus Christ in us – this is our future“.

Martina Kováčiková, | 23.2.2015

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