Missionary Conference ECAC 2015

On Saturday 24th October 2015 was held regularly missionary conference in Veľký Slavkov. The Conference prepared Committee of Mission ECAC in Slovakia. It came 20 missionary workers. General Bishop Miloš Klátik was also present at the Conference and also District Bishops Slavomír Sabol and Milan Krivda.

The Missionary Conference 2015 contained two themes: foreign mission and 500th anniversary of the Reformation. As the guest at the Conference was Martin Tango, Director of the School Lea in Dongobeshi, Tanzania. For many year this school is supported by Silesian Evangelical Church A.C. in the Czech Republic in its project Africa Children (www.detiafriky.cz, and also www.detiafriky.sk). Slovak version of the website was created in cooperation with Silesian Evangelical Church and is running by members of the church congregation Košice-Terasa.

Martin Tango spoke the story of his life. On his own experiences he emphasized God´s mercy, strength and guiding. God led his life-path, out of simply boy has become a director of school. Martin Tango underlined importance of education in today life and he spoke about opportunities of education in Africa. Most of children doesn´t have enough means how to go to school, a lot of schools don´t have enough means to pay qualified teachers or to ensure teaching materials. Most of subjects are teaching only in theoretical level, on an object teaching is not money. In that context, Martin Tango appreciated the help from Czech and Slovakia and he very cordially thanked for it.

At the Conference Martin Tango was accompanied with Ing. Ladislav Ivanecký, he is a member of team Africa Children. He presented czech project, which is no more limited only in financial help, but also on sending a volunteers into Tanzania. Similar project in Slovakia is only focused on financial support of children and schools in Dongobesh and Yedidiasse.

Both contributions were very interesting and sparked off debate, mostly about practical life in Tanzania. One of the questions was, if the ECAC could support some similar school within the frame of foreign-missionary activities. General Bishop promised, that he will turn with question about support to our partner church, Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania.

Second part of the Conference was devoted to 500th anniversary of Reformation and accompanied activities. General Bishop presented going activities. Director of the General Bishop´s Office presented concept of the 5th Evangelical Church Days in Békescsaba and project 14 meetings to 500th anniversary of Reformation in individual seniorates. Most of others local and regional activities are prepared for 500th anniversary. General Bishop proposed to print brochure with informations about all activities to 500th anniversary of Reformation.

Mgr. Štefan Kiss , secretary for education and mission, misia@ecav.sk | 5.11.2015

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