Miloš Klátik in the committee for Solidarity and Development

The general bishop Miloš Klátik took the offer of the prime minister of Slovakia, Robert Fico to join the committee for solidarity and development. This advisory body has been established last week. There have already been three meetings and more are planned to take place in the near future.

One of the discussed points were the issues around church holiday. The general bishop along with other church representatives explained the importance of these holiday. The media has announced that some of the holiday should be cancelled. This step would also include the Good Friday. The general bishop cited from the last statement of the representatives of ECAC in Slovakia and repeated that the Good Friday is an important holiday and should be thus preserved. As it reminds us of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ it remains, in the eyes of Christians, to be the most important holiday of all. The prime minister took the argumentation and ensured the general bishop and other members that the Good Friday will remain public holiday.

 | 29.5.2012

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