Members of Evangelical Church helped refugees in Hungary

Two workers from Headquarter of Evangelical Diakonia – Szilvia Buzalová and Jana Gasperová, in cooperation with Attila Szpisák – evangelical pastor in Komlóš, distributed humanitarian aid in refugee camp near Röszke, in Hungary, 8 september 2015.

Practical help was given to more than 2 700 refugees, the number of refugees has been rising every day. But this step was not the end of help. Very important is food aid, hygienic aid, medical aid, and also necessity provide and build emergency shelters.

Evangelical Diakonia ECAV in Slovakia in cooperation with evangelical church congregation in Slovak Komlóš distributed durable, base food as a milk, water, fruits, bread, fruit juices. Between refugees was a lot of children. In food aid we prepared for them some sweets. Autumn and cold, rainy weather is coming, for that reason humanitarian aid contained also blankets.

We are constantly in touch with workers on field. It allows us to flexible response and to continue in help according to actual needs. We believe that other partner organizations and also individuals has join us.

Jana Gasperová, Evangelical Diakonia ECAC in Slovakia,  | 10.9.2015

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