Meeting of the Representatives of Christian Churches

The highest representatives of Christian Churches met at the Hotel Devin on 22nd March 2013 to exchange information and opinion/suggestions on some important issues of common interest.

The meeting was initiated by Archbishop Stanislav Zvolenský, the Chairman of the Bishops` Conference in Slovakia. This meeting follows the January meeting of the Chairman of the Bishops` Conference Stanislav Zvolenský and the Chairman of the Ecumenical Council of Churches in Slovakia Miloš Klátik. In January, General Bishop of the Evangelical Church of Augsburg Confession in Slovakia Miloš Klátik visited the Archbishop`s Office. Besides the Archbishop Stanislav Zvolenský and the General Bishop Miloš Klátik, there were also some representatives of other churches including the Bishop of the Reformed Christian Church in Slovakia László Fazekas, the Archbishop of the Orthodox Church in Prešov Rastislav, the Eparch of the Greek-Catholic Church Peter Rusnak representing Archbishop Ján Babjak and the Chairman of Baptists in Slovakia Ján Sölös. They discussed coordination issues related to the common actions of Christian Churches in supporting and protecting the family, the protection of life and human dignity, and also the important issue of the financing of Churches. All participants confirmed their interest in holding regular meetings of the highest representatives of the Churches. They affirmed that the exchange of information and cooperation on practical issues will strengthen an understanding and build unity among Christians. Such actions will be a positive signal towards society, that in spite of differences, the churches are able to collaborate in a positive way on common themes which are important not only for Christians but also all of society.

 | 2.4.2013

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