Meeting of the highest representatives Christianity Churches and Jewish community in Slovakia

The 26th of November 2014 was held at the General Bishop Office of the Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession (ECAC) in the Slovakia in order the fourth meeting of the highest representatives Christianity Churches and Jewish community in Slovakia.

Beside the general bishop of ECAC in Slovakia and the Chairman of the Ecumenical Council of the Churches (ECC) in Slovakia Miloš Klátik was attended Stanislav Zvolenský, Archbishop of Bratislava - Metroplolitan and chairman of Slovak bishop´s conference of the Roman Catholic Church in Slovakia; Ján Babjak, Archbishop and Metropolitan of Prešov and the highest representative of the Greek Catholic Metropolitan Church in Slovakia; Rastislav, Archbishop of the Prešov, Metropolitan of the Czech lands and Slovakia of the Orthodox Church in Slovakia; László Fazekas, bishop of the Reformed Christian Church in Slovakia and vice-chairman ECC in Slovakia; and Pavel Prochádzka, Superintendent of the Evangelical Methodist Church, Slovak area. For the first time was invited on this meeting and accepted the invitation chairman Central Union of Jewish Religious Communities in Slovak Republic Igor Rintel.

The main theme of this meeting was an exchange the church opinions on the unfavorable demographic situation in Slovak republic. Initial interpretation on this theme had ľudovít Ódor, member of the Council for the budget responsibility. In his presentation he pointed on some interested statictic facts. He spoke about combination lower fertility and higher life expectancy. „Today we are far away from the values, which provides a stable population“. This evolution have and will have yours social, economics and also political consequences. Aging and radical changes in demographic structure of the world in the coming decades will affect all and the most of the economic policy. Especially the public finances are sensitive on aging, and in pension, health service and long-term sustainability. Changes made in good time can greatly facilitate this transition, stressed Ľudovít Ódor.

The representatives of the churches in a statement accepted on the end of the meeting are expressed to the low birth rates. In society is growing individualism and consumerism. They call after the more effective family policy. Support of the families should manifest in the position of individualism and also in the position of the state – in his economics and social decisions. It is necessary to avoid disadvantaging parenting. Family should be the center of the interest of every government.

On the meeting discussed about other proposals. This one demographic problem is not just in the Slovak republic, but is a matter of all Europe. Society without the children, society, which not make a good environment for a family can not survive.

Dušan Vagaský, Director of the General Bishop´s Office,  | 2.12.2014

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