Meeting of the Highest Churches representatives

At the invitation of the Archbishop of Bratislava – Metropolita and Chairman of the Slovak Bishop´s (Roman-catholic) Conference, Stanislav Zvolenský was held in the order 7th meeting of the highest representatives of Christian churches, the date May 12, 2016.

The Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession in Slovakia was represented by General Bishop Miloš Klátik, who is also the Chairman of the Ecumenical Council of Church in Slovakia. Represented were those Churches in Slovakia: Reformed Church, Greek-catholic Church, Orthodox Church, Brethren Church, Federation of the Jewish Community in Slovakia.

The content of the meeting were two main topics - Slovak Presidency in the Council of the European Union and question about funding for Churches.

It was adopted common statements in connection with Presidency in the Council of the European Union. Church representatives agreed that at the opening of the Presidency will be held ecumenical worship service in the St. Martin´s Cathedral, Bratislava.

At the meeting was paid attention to the question about financing for churches. Participated churches exchanged of their opinions on the current model of financing and they looked for common solution on the financial change in future.

The next meeting of the highest representatives will be held at the General Bishop´s Office of the ECAC in Slovakia, in October 2016.

Dušan Vagaský, Director of the GBO, riaditel(at)  | 24.5.2016

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