Meeting of pastors from three regions

On 2nd and 3rd of October 2011 in Stara Tura a pastoral conference took place. The parttakers prent came from Povazsky and Myjavsky region of the ECAC in Slovakia and from the East-Moravian region from the Czech Republic.

On Sunday evening of M. Tlkancova presented the speech on topic Pastoral Care of Elderly which was followed by dicussion where J. Sefcik of the Myjava region and our czech brothers informed the attendants about the situation in their region. Monday morning was dedicated to theological and pastoral topics. Local pastor R. Varak greeted the attendants with speech based on Biblical text from Mk 7, 31-37 and L. Duracka junior offered exegesis of the text from 2nd Tim, chapter 4 verses 1 through 5. Invitation to this year's meeting was accepted also by doc. ThDr. J. Greso who gave a theological lecture on topic Ressurection. Hereby, we would like to thank him for joining this event and providing the attendants with his lecture that was much admired by our czech brethren who have had the chance to meet him for the very first time and admired his eagerness in study of theology of New Testament. All of the attendants were delighted to have another opportunity to meet each other after a year.

 | 10.10.2011

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