Meeting of officers of LWF

General, Bishop Miloš Klátik as a chairman of the Committee for Theology and Ecumenical Relations of the LWF, attended the meeting of officers of the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) in Geneva.

The meeting was opened by the president of the LWF Munib A. Younan and the main topic of the meeting was the report of the General Secretary of the LWF Martin Young, who reported on the major activities and events in the LWF. He talked about continuation of the dialogue on sexuality, marriage and family, that was discussed in June in Bogota. Then he carried on to speak about proposals of creation of new strategy on gender equality. Other points of discussion were the new communication strategies of the LWF and preparations for the celebration of the 500th Anniversary of Reformation in 2017 and regional repots of Vice-Presidents of the LWF.

 | 3.12.2012

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