Meeting of Lutheran Women

Gathering of Lutheran Women took place on the last sunday of church year in Abovce at the local mansion. The guests were welcomed by supervisor Michal Hruska and the chair of VMV Martin Riecky.

An immensly cheering lecture „Seek for the Kingdom of Lord and all other shall be given to you“ was given by pastor Daniela Hornikova. People could listen to the Word of the Lord from 1st of Corrintheans that mentions poor widow of Sarepta. What kind of hope did she have? She did not have anything. No future. And yet she was willing to share her things with a stranger. Discussion after the lecture showed that many are concerned. Women see the everyday reality and they all agreed that Jesus Christ is our only hope. The mansion itself is a symbol of hope. In 1947 Slovaks from Novy Klenovec came to Abovce and were staying at the exact same place as the conference took place. They did not know what awaits them. They had faith that accompanies them until this very day.

 | 28.11.2011

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