Meeting of Inspectors of the ECAC in Slovakia

General Inspector doc. MUDr. Imrich Lukáč, CSc. initiated the meeting of Inspectors of the ECAC in Slovakia with target encouraged Inspectors in their work in church. 27 of June was held meeting in Herľany. On the beginning of the meeting General Inspector remarked, that until this time inspectors didn´t meet so actively and they didn´t know each other. He emphasized, work as an Inspector, worker at the church, is mercy of God to serve on His vineyard, to meet together, discuss and find optimal solutions for work in different church congregation. He introduced the program of meeting, where were discussed the following topics:

1. place of non-ordained people in church – speaker Miloš Klátik
2. Community of evangelical youth – speaker Vladimír Maťaš
3. separation of church and state – speaker Dušan Vagaský
4. effective utilization church property – speaker Jaroslav Mervart

At the beginning of the meeting sounded short devotion, which led General Bishop Miloš Klátik. He chose the text from Book of Philippians 1:3-6 and 9-11. First lecture had General Bishop. He spoke about place of non-ordained people in church congregations, he spoke on the issue of common priesthood and responsibility all of us for the life in our church congregations.

The chairman of the Community of the evangelical youth had a second lecture. In the Community of youth they contemplated about it, how perceive the young people themselves; how problems they have; how they can destroy their lives and what we can give them as a church. Together with learning about common priesthood we can apply the text from Gospel of John 10, about Good Shepherd, on every one worker in church, on all of us, and also on the work with youth.

In third section sounded lecture of the Director of General Bishop´s Office Dušan Vagaský. He presented a material which prepared together with Committee for preparation of economic independence ECAC in Slovakia. He pointed, that is the time to accept arrangements to ensure the financing.

Last point of the program was lecture on topic – effective utilization property of the church by Jaroslav Mervart. He pointed on the fact, that between different church congregations is inequality. We should think on principe of solidarity, must be defined clear rules, good relationships, ensure transparency. We can not know what happen after election especially with system of ECAC regarding to funding. We know, that we want to set up a mechanism to help small church congregations. Now, is necessary to change thinking, identify the problems and build mutual cooperation.

Lucia Martonová, secretary for foreign relations, | 3.7.2015

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