Meeting of Bishops in Györ

General bishop of ECAC in Slovakia Milos Klatik came to congratulate Janos Szemerei, the newly elected bishop of western district of The Evangelical Church in Hungary, on 27th of June 2011 and wish him all the best for his upcoming hard work and God's blessings.

The installation took place on 25th of June 2011 in old evangelical church in Györ. This made it impossible for the general bishop to attend the installation as he was present at the Synod of ECAC in Slovakia. Nevertheless, as brother bishop Szemerei noted – bishop Klatik’s visit will stay forever the first visit from abroad that he accepted as a bishop of western district of ECH.

In spite of the fact that this was their first meeting, the official visit soon changed into a friendly meeting and both representatives carried on with an over three hours long discussion about various perspectives and issues in a spiritual life of a church. It soon came clear that the bishops share many ideas and views on these matters. This fact alone indicates that despite the language barrier, these lutheran bishops will not have problems understanding each other. At the end of their meeting they agreed upon regular meetings and mutual discussions and consultations. Geographical proximity of Györ and Bratislava along with the similarity in their way of thinking are great prequisite for mutual cooperation.

Janos Szemerei worked as a Senior in Somogy-Zaka and pastor in Kaposvar. His installation was carried out by presiding bishop Peter Gancs.

Daniel Szadvari | 6.7.2011

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