Meeting at the National Council

The chairman of the Slovak National Council, Pavol Hrusovsky met with the representants of churches and registered religious groups.

The general bishop of ECAC in Slovakia Miloš Klátik, general inspector Pavel Delinga, and bishop of western district Milan Krivda attended the meeting as well. In his speech, Pavol Hrusovsky mentioned and stressed the contribution of churches and religious groups to the citizens of Slovakia. He thanked all of the participants for their effort to help people in this world full of problems to differentiate between right and wrong, between good and evil. After the official meeting was over Pavol Hrusovsky held a briefing with the churchleaders and expressed his interest in continuing the cooperation of Natioal Council with the religious organization. The journalist were most interested in the question of separation of churches from the state. The church representants mentioned that the term “separation” is not one of the best to describe the situation as the churchmembers are at the same time citizens of Slovak Republic and this is why this separation is not possible.

 | 20.1.2012

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