International Football Tournament in Veľký Slavkov

On 10. September 2011 in intenational evanglical youth center MEMC – Ichtys in Velky Slavkov an international football tournament organized by ECAC for the very first time took place.

The tournament was attended by youth from Czech Republic (Silesian evangelical church of Augsburg Confession in CR), Poland (ECAC in Poland), and Hungary (ECAC in Hungary). The ECAC in Slovakia has put the team together from congregation in Roznava (and Roznavske Bystre). They are last year's winner of the Cup of General Bishop in Badin. After the game against the Czech team they have won themselves another cup - from the General Bishop Klatik. Afterwards, the bishop talked about the need and meaning of work with youth. The tournament was opened by the Secretary for Schools and Education at the General Bishop's Office Daniela Vesela and pastor Martin Fecko from the Tatra region held a short speech. The translation into english was arranged by pastor of congregation from Stitnik Michal Devecka. The attendants of the tournament met each other already the evening before the tournament. Closer information about the agenda and other activities was given by Michal Findra - the director of the center. General Bishop Klatik also spoke at the games and expressed that joy that this even has taken place. He emphasized that this was not only a sports event but a meeting of young people who believe in Christ, a meeting that offered exchange of contacts between believers and different countries.

 | 16.9.2011

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