International Conference of The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod in Wittenberg

The city of Wittenberg was a place, where was held meeting confessional Lutherans church leaders during the International conference on Confessional Leadership in the 21st century, in early May of 2015.

Sunday, May 3 was a day, when nearly 450 people took part in the dedication service for the International Lutheran Centre at die Alte Schule (the Old Latin School) at the St. Mary´s Church. The Old Latin School is also known under the name Wittenberg Project. The Wittenberg Project is a joint effort by The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod, Concordia Publishing House and Germany´s Independent Evangelical-Lutheran Church (SELK) to nurture and strengthen the faith of Christians, particularly from the global confessional- Lutheran community, and to introduce the Christian faith to non-Christians living in or visiting the former East Germany. The Wittenberg Project offers the opportunity to establish an orthodox, faithful Lutheran presence in the center of the old town section of Wittenberg, Germany, the place where Dr. Martin Luther ignited the Reformation nearly 500 years ago. The school building was being renovated as to serve a Lutheran welcome, retreat and education centre to serve as an outpost for the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and a confessional-Lutheran presence centered in the Gospel and based in the heart of the historic Wittenberg.

At the conference were attended representatives from 41 countries. The theme of the conference was: „Celebrating the Reformation Rightly: Remembrance, Repentance, Rejoicing“. Discussions ranged from the challenges of spreading the Gospel in Western countries to its rapid growth in places like Africa, South America, the Far East and many others, but also sounded, that the mission field in the West is a major challenge for confessional Lutherans amid a decline of Christianity in Europe and the U.S.

At the conference was also represented Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession in Slovakia by her secretary for foreign department Lucia Martonová.

Lucia Martonová, secretary for foreign relations, | 27.5.2015

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