International conference - 500th years of Reformation

International conference took place in Liebfrauenberg in France, 29.9. – 1.10.2014. The topic was Principles of the Reformation and Reformation Jubilee in a world ecumenism. The Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession in Slovakia was represented by pastors – Branislav Dolinský and Peter Krajcer. They elucidated participants about history of our Evangelical Church and preparing for the 500th anniversary of Reformation.

At this conference was attended pastors from our partnership churches from Baden-Württenberg, from central Germany, and also representatives from Lutheran Church from Africa (Cameroon, Tanzania), Asia (Malaysia), and also from Latin America, which gave a report about positive influence of Reformation and about current situation Christians in these countries.

Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD) is very intensive prepared on this Jubilee – publishing publication, publishing documents „Rechtfertigung und Freiheit“ (Justification and freedom), preparing different kind of event: organization worship, lectures, exhibition, musical, film and theatre performance. We visited a Strasbourg and in space of theological faculty we heard a lectures by prof. Dr. Matthieu Arnolda about influence Reformation on this city and surrounding countryside.

In the issue of Reformation is still open a dialogue especially between Roman-Catholic Church. Year 2017 will be also 50th anniversary Lutheran-Catholic dialogue after II. Vatican Council. In 2013 was issued joint document „From Conflict to Communion“, and we were closer acquainted with him.
Christianity in the world in the last century was affected new problems and conflicts and confronted with new situations. There is also necessary to exchange experience and joint efforts to solve problems which can helps to mutual growth. How can Christians communicate and get on well also can in another church members attract interest about christianity.
Very important part of the conference was together morning and evening devotions and also joint closing Worship with Holy communion. In these Worship and Holy communion we could confirm Lutheran - Christian unity despite that we were from different nationality and continents.

Branislav Dolinský a Peter Krajcer, ECAC in Slovakia  | 15.10.2014

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