International Symposium about protestantism

In Radenci (Slovenia) was held Symposium on the topic: „Protestantism yesterday, today and tomorrow“ in days 16. and 17. October 2014. On this Symposium was attended Miloš Klátik, general Bishop ECAC with his lecture.

Symposium was organized by Fund Dr. Šiftar, Protestant association – Primož Trubar and Scientific Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences. More then 20 lecturers was attended from Austria, Croatia, Slovakia and Slovenia. General Bishop ECAC in Slovakia Miloš Klátik spoke on the development of the Reformation in Slovakia and very important connection High School (Lýceum) in Bratislava and students from Prekmuria which was studied on this school. During the break he provided an interview to slovenian television.

Lecturer spoke mostly about history. Dr. Anton Vratuša described the journey established the Fund Dr. Štiftar and his beginnings 15 years ago. Contribution about mariborske religious community since 1587, and about in the past important evangelical families Zrinski and Bánfy in Prekmurí and Medzimurí. Prof. Dr. Cvetka Hedžet Tóth talked about the ethical dimensions of contemporary Protestantism. From among evangelical pastors talked: Geza Erniša spoke about - Work LWF, Evgen Balažic - Protestants and their music from the historical point of view, V.Vladimíra M.Jazbinšek - Protestant message for today´s people, Vili Kerčmer – Reformation and policy.

Contributions from the symposium will be published in the conference proceedings, which will be released in the near future.

Peter Andrejčák, ECAC in Slovenia  | 6.11.2014

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