Installation of General inspector of ECAC in Slovakia Imrich Lukáč

General bishop Milos Klatik has installed Imrich Lukac into the service of General inspector in lutheran church on Saturday 13rh of October in Opina.

Doc. MUDr. Imrich Lukac, CSc., has been elected into the function of General inspector for upcoming six years in June 2012. The General bishop Milos Klatik has been reelected for another six year period and therefore only the General inspector has been installed in Opina. Doc. MUDr. Imrich Lukáč, CSc., was born in Opina, in the surroundings of Kosice where he is still active as an Inspector in local congregation. He has been active already in past – as a member of Genereal Presbytery of ECAC, chairman of Evangelical diaconia of ECAC in Slovakia and Senior Inspector of Seniorate of Kosice. At the moment he is also chairman of Synod for the unordained. He innitiated establishment of diaconical facility SVETLO in Opina, where he serves as a director and he is also a co-founder of Evangelical boarding school for deaf-blind in Cervenica. He is employed as neurosurgeon and pedagogue at university. He works at neurosurgical clinic of Medical Collage of P.J. Safarik’s University and in the Hospital of L. Pasteur in Kosice

 | 29.10.2012

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