Inscription on altar in Rimavske Brezove uncovered

During the second phase of renovation of the altar in evangelical church in Rimavske Brezove, a latin inscription from 1762 has been uncovered. The inscription has been covered by a wooden board until now.

The writing says: „In Dei Gloriam Altare hoc errexit Ecclesia Evang. R. Brezoviensis existente Inspectore Stephano Philo manu Michaelis Mezibrodsky. Anno 1762. die 14. Maij. Aedituo G. Dno Samuele Pazar.“ (This altar was built to glorify God on 14th of May 1762 by the Evangelical church of Rimavske Brezove under the presiding inspector Stefan Philo by artist Michael Midziborsky and supervisor Samuel Pazar.) The latin inscription has uncovered the past of the altar that was unknown until this day. Thanks to professional work of restorers the exact age of the altar and names of those who were behind this project. Apart from the restoration of the baroque altar, the final phase of restoration of medieval paintings on the church walls is currently being conducted under supervision of Mgr. Art. Miroslav Jansta. The project is financed by the Ministry of Culture of SR and co-financed by local congregation.

 | 17.10.2011

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