In remembrance of General bishop Pavol Uhorskai

In these days we remember the demise of Pavol Uhorskai - the former general bishop of ECAC in slovakia. He departed on 5th of October 2011. Pavol Uhorskai died at the age of 91. He dedicated his life to work with youth and this caused that he was forbidden to continue to carry out spiritual work and a rapid change in his life. Despite the fact that his plans were hindered and he couldnt continue in his work officially, he remained a spiritual leader to others. In 1990 he was elected to the position of general bishop.

His beliefs and life’s orientation could be heared through his words at his 90th birthday: „Nothing is hard for someone who loves. Love gives strength to the soul and can carry burden, undertake great actions and suffer greatly for God’s sake.“ Late general bishop suffered a great deal but he relied solely upon Christ. He praised Him and adhered to the scripture without faltering or doubt knowing that it is more important to obey God than people. Pavel Uhorskai remains in hearts and minds of those who knew him and the message of his life is still valid. It is a message that reminds us that: "God’s power and grace are the most valuable source of life of mankind and church as well. God works for us and within us at all times." He is remembered with respect, love and gratefulness by members of ECAC.

 | 10.10.2011

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