II. Evangelical Church Days in Žilina and Bytča

II. Evangelical Church Days 2. – 4. 7. 2010 were also dedicated to the 400th anniversary of Žilina Synod. The gathering of Lutherans from the whole Slovakia was joined by many Slovaks living abroad along with representatives from Lutheran churches in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Poland Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia and Sweden.

The opening service was lead by the bishop of the Eastern district of ECAC – Slavomír Sabol and he was joined by the church choir from Martin.

Apart from this there was a plentiful programme on the main square of Žilina – choirs and bands of adults and children alike from Slovakia and abroad as well. For example our compatriots from Ilok (Croatia), guests from the Church of Sweden, and also from the Hungarian and Polish church.

During the Saturday (3rd of July) the programme continued on the main squares in the Lutheran Church in Žilina as well as in the City Theatre and the House of Arts.
The evening service lead by the general bishop of ECAC in Slovakia - Milos Klatik was aired live by the Slovak Television.

On the 4th of July (Sunday) the 2nd Evangelical Church Days continued in the city of Bytča. This city is linked to the main characters of the 1610 Synod – Juraj Thurzo and Eliáš Láni. The prime minister Iveta Radičová attended this event along with the president of the Žilina region Juraj Blanár.

The representatives of the foreign churches preached in the nearby church congregations and after the official celebration was finished, the delegates were invited to the Orava Castle by Juraj Blanár as this used to be the residence of Graf Thurzo.

Edita Škodová | 25.7.2010

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