Historical Atlas of Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession in Slovakia Has Been Published

The book market has welcomed a new and unique publication - Historický atlas Evanjelickej cirkvi augsburského vyznania na Slovensku (Historical Atlas of Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession in Slovakia). The Atlas has been published by Tranoscius in Liptovsky Mikulas. It has been presesnted during the worship service in Istebene on 31.10. at 17:00 and during Biblioteka on 3.11. at 17:30.

Atlas consists of 112 maps that are divided into 6 chapters according to the historical periods. 1. Marthin Luther leaves Catholic Church until The Synod of Zilina (1517-1610) 2. The Synod of Zilina until Treaty of Szatmar (1610-1711) 3. Treaty of Szatmar until Edict of Tolerance (1711-1781) 4. Edict of Tolerance until dissolution of Austro-Hungarian Monarchy (1781-1918) 5. Formation of Czechoslovakia until 21st Century (1918-2010) 6. Demographical image of lutherans in Slovakia in 21st century Every chapter has an introduction written by a specialist in given topic. This work has been put together under supervision of doc. Dagmar Kusendova from the department of human geography and demography of the College of Natural sciences of the Commenius University by a team of 13 specialists from Commenius University, Slovak Academy of Sciences and other national institutions. It is pleasing to say that three generations of scientists have worked together on this project.

 | 3.11.2011

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