Guest at EBF UK

Discussion lead by Dusan Zivicky followed a seminar about psychological-religious aspects of interpersonal communication at EBF UK on 8th of December 2011.

Dusan Zivicky is 37 year old abstinent. He has formed an NGO “KĽUD” that stands for “Klub ľudí usilujúcich o dobro” (fig.: Association of people who strive to work for good cause). The main goal of this association is to organize meetings and discussions for people who are abstinent alcoholics and it supports people who lead a healthy lifestyle. Mr. Zivicky does not visit only elderly people but mostly youth, in order to pass his experience onto them and in order to emphasize that life with alcohol is very dangerous. Students who attended this seminar lead by ThDr. Monika Zavis, PhD., are being prepared for their upcoming vocation – pastoral service. It is not only the sick that need pastoral guidance. It may very well be those who suffer from alcoholism.

 | 13.12.2011

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